The Work of Power Cross

Power Cross works to spread the life-changing word of Christ into our community, reaching out to young men and their families through athletics, tutoring, and character-building opportunities. Each week we have the opportunity to impact the lives of over 350 young men in Statesville and Salisbury, North Carolina.


Daily DiscipleShip

The main purpose of the ministry of Power Cross is to lead young men and their families to a relationship with Christ. Each day, our participants take part in some form of Bible reading, prayer, discipleship, or group Bible Study, lead by positive role models from their community. Our team members teach young men how to use the tools they have been blessed with to build and glorify the kingdom of God.

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Athletic Teams & Training

Power Cross utilizes the love of athletics and the competitive spirit of young men as a draw to take part in our program. We provide top-level athletic training and development in football, baseball, basketball, and wrestling. We also offer speed and agility training, and proper weight lifting training for our older athletes.


Academic Support

One of the priorities of Power Cross is to see our participants increase their academic grades, organization, and study skills. We also work alongside them to establish a set of academic and career-related goals for their futures. By providing a support system and accountability, 90% of our participants see their grades increase within a year of being a part of Power Cross.


Food for The Body and Soul

A fundamental part of our program is providing food for the body and soul, which is why Power Cross serves free, hot meals daily, to all who enter our facilities, free of charge. We believe in nourishing growing bodies & souls, and treating them as God intended. Since Power Cross was established, our team has served more than 115,000 free meals to the young men of our community and their families.



The young men of Power Cross will one day be the leaders of their homes and communities. It is important for us to instill in them the value of serving. Older participants assist younger ones with daily homework, athletic training, and discipleship. We also involve our participants in community service activities and opportunities throughout the year.



The House of Grace provides transitional housing for a Power Cross family who is currently homeless or displaced. During their stay as residents of the home, a family will take part in Christian Discipleship, parenting classes, financial management, job placement, and basic life skill development.



From Christmas to Award Ceremonies, Power Cross hosts celebrations for our athletes and their families. At Christmas, our guests are all treated to a complete Christmas dinner, and every child in attendance receives a gift. An evangelist shares the gospel, and over the years more than 1,000 salvations have taken place at this event.


College recruiting and preparation

The two main goals of Power Cross are to expose young men to a relationship with Jesus, and to help them utilize the tools they have been blessed with in order to expand their horizons. Providing College Readiness and ACT/SAT Prep classes, visiting college campuses, and assisting young men in their athletic recruiting is a key focus of our work. Our Alumni Wall shows years of success and hard work by our young men, staff, and volunteers that have culminated in many of our participants earning college scholarships.


Power of the Cross Rally

Our Power of the Cross Rally is an annual evangelical outreach that brings together our local churches and communities to spread the word of Christ. Hundreds join Power Cross for dinner, great worship music and a message from an evangelist about how to seek a new identity in Jesus.