The POwer Cross STORY

Power Cross began in 2006 with four boys in a living room, invited together for a Bible study, dinner, and a football game in the yard. That first week there were four boys, the next there were eight, and within a few months, over thirty boys were taking part. Today, Power Cross trains and disciples over 350 young men each day across two locations in Statesville and Salisbury, North Carolina, with a vision for more campuses all over the United States.

Since we’ve begun, our Power Cross family of staff and volunteers have served over 115,000 free meals, provided over 5,000 hours of academic support, and cheered on and coached hundreds of young men in countless games and practices.



Our mission is simple- spread the life-changing Word of Christ into our community. By reaching out to the young men in our community, we aim to provide a “gang” of Christian brothers with whom they can walk through life with. We aim to teach young men how to use the tools they have been blessed with, in hopes to build and glorify the kingdom of God.

We live out our mission through programs designed to attract and shape the lives of young men in our communities.

Our Core Values:

  • Find the Father

  • Maximize Effort & Expectations

  • Nourish Mind, Body, & Soul

  • Expose & Advance

  • Reshape, Rebuild, & Redirect

  • Relationship


We are an example of how God chooses ordinary people to be His hands and feet. The impact that Power Cross makes each day is only possible through an unwavering faith and a belief that, “He who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished on the day when Jesus returns” (Philippians 1:6).

God has blessed Power Cross, and our family, with the opportunity to impact hundreds of young men who God has placed in our path. The days aren’t easy, and the hours are long, but watching young men cross the stage in a cap and gown, step foot onto a college playing field, and kneel at the altar of Christ, is the greatest reward.

We can’t wait to see the greater things God has next for Power Cross.

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Power Cross is focused on providing young men with positive role models and a vision for what their lives can be. We work with young men across different economic backgrounds and home lives, and we believe that athletics and discipleship have the ability to bridge the social and economic gaps we see in our communities. We believe that each young person deserves the same opportunity to excel by using the abilities they have been blessed with, which is why Power Cross is 100% free to all participants. When you are on the playing field, it should be level.

The Challenge

  • 90% of Power Cross participants live in Single Parent Homes or are being raised by relatives.

  • $10 Billion a year goes to single moms on public assistance because a child’s father is absent or incarcerated.

  • 70% of all Federal prison inmates grew up in fatherless homes.

  • 85% of all juveniles in prison are from fatherless homes.

  • Gang activity is on the rise in the communities we serve.

Our Opportunity

  • Young men who are a part of Power Cross for at least 2 years graduate from high school 100% of the time, nearly twice the national average (

  • 70% of Power Cross participants go on to enroll in college or vocational training for post secondary education.

  • To date, Power Cross Alumni have received nearly $8,000,000.00 in college education through athletic & academic scholarships and merit-based financial assistance.

Power Cross Success Stories

IMG_9909 (2).JPG

Meet Jabril!

Jabril first came to Power Cross when he was 11 years old, because he wanted to play football.

Jabril learned to outwork those around him, because he was taught that hard work always beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard. He was taught to show up on time, or early. He was encouraged to work as hard as possible at his academics, because one day it would pay off.

He was exposed to the Word of Christ and it has shaped his daily life and eternal future. During Jabril’s sophomore year of high school, he was told he had a heart birth defect that had gone undetected and he would never be able to play football again.

But God...

It was during this trial that his faith began to grow. He continued working, and began praying that God would heal his heart. God healed Jabril’s heart and has used his story to impact many other students.

More recently, God has expanded his territory. Jabril received a full scholarship to become a student-athlete at Elon University in 2019!

Your investment in Power Cross has shaped Jabril’s life, established his eternal home, and helped build up a disciple who will share his testimony with those who God puts in his path. There are Greater Things in store for Jabril.

If you have invested in Power Cross, you have helped make those Greater Things possible!

Will you invest in the next “Jabril”?

 Meet “Danny”

“Danny” is 11 years old. His mom and Dad are both incarcerated. His mom for murder, his dad for bank robbery.

“Danny” will likely be around 40 years old when his mom has the opportunity for parole. The odds are against “Danny,” placing him among the statistics, which say he has an 85% chance of following his parent’s footsteps.

What the stats do not know about “Danny,” is that Power Cross plays a major part in his life. Every day he gets loved on by members of the PC family who see him at Power Cross, like the tutors who help him with his homework.

He huddles with teammates and coaches who share the Word of Christ with him, and provide discipline and structure. “Danny” gets fed physically, mentally, and spiritually every day, and he receives the love he needs, because otherwise, he wouldn’t.

Your investment at Power Cross helps over
350 young men who all have similar
stories like “Danny.”

Your investment changes lives, and changes the communities we serve, and beyond.

Will you invest in the many stories that are similar to Danny’s?