SHARING the life-changing word of Christ through Athletics.



Power Cross is focused on providing young men with positive role models and a vision for what their lives can be. We use athletics, discipleship and academic support as a springboard for change.


Academics & Discipleship

From daily Bible Studies and Discipleship Training to One-on-One Tutoring, we focus on maximizing the potential of each and every one of the young men we support. At the core of Power Cross is our desire to see young men to grow spiritually by walking daily with God. And through learning proper study techniques, and setting academic goals and standards, our players are better prepared for high school, college, and beyond.


Family Meals & Connection

Every day at Power Cross, all participants receive a hot, nutritious meal, completely free of charge, to help fuel their minds and bodies, but our meal times are about so much more. During our daily family meal times, these young men of Power Cross feel cared for, safe and supported. Meals are the times when they catch up with friends, connect with staff, and experience the foundation of a family that cares for them.



Our athletic training and teams are focused around the goal of providing the best training possible for each participant. Through baseball, football, basketball, and wrestling, our dedicated coaches volunteer their time to teaching the fundamentals of the game and valuable life lessons. We utilize the love of athletics and the competitive spirit of young men to lead them to excel on and off the field, using the abilities they have been given.