Investing in Future Generations

Power Cross began over 13 years ago in Jeff & Natalie Storment’s living room. What started out as a couple of boys playing, eating, and praying together one afternoon has grown into a ministry that now serves over 350 young men in Statesville and Salisbury. Every year we witness the increase of both need for the ministry and young men who long to be a part. We are about to enter the next stages of ministry growth.

Where God has led us, we have followed. First Statesville, then Salisbury, and now beyond.

Through the Greater Things project, we are investing back into our community. Our vision is to continue to raise up and disciple young men who will have the power to reshape their cities. We are raising young men who will lead their home, not leave it.


Greater Things Projects



In 2017, Power Cross took a leap of faith and launched its second site to serve the young men of Salisbury. In less than 18 months, we have quadrupled the number of young men we are serving and are adding new participants almost daily. The temporary facility has been a tremendous blessing and launching pad for Power Cross to embed into the community.

Establishing a permanent site in Salisbury increases the size, scale, and reach that Power Cross can have in Salisbury. This new facility will help to revitalize a part of the community that now sits vacant, as it also leads to a revitalization of the hopes and dreams of the youth we serve. This permanent site would allow Power Cross to serve over 300 young men in Salisbury alone.


The Statesville site has overgrown its current facilities. The future vision for expansion includes completion of a football field and construction of a multi-use building (to include an indoor basketball court, space for two wrestling mats, locker room, showers, a larger academic center that would also function as a meeting room, and staff offices).

The expanded facilities would allow Power Cross to increase our daily programming by a minimum of 20% and help us better serve the young men who call Statesville Power Cross home. Power Cross owns all of the land needed for this facility expansion



We believe there are literally hundreds of communities whose young men could be positively impacted by Power Cross. Through our initial phase of expansion, we have been able to create a model that can be duplicated and we’re getting ready to position Power Cross to expand our impact in new ways and new communities.

The command given to us, “Go and make disciples...”

Creating disciples is the daily goal of Power Cross. Over many months we have met with architects, contractors, and lawyers to lay out and create an expansion for both of our current sites. Through this expansion we would truly create Discipleship & Development Centers that will have the capacity to invest in the lives of the young men we serve. God has been with us every step the way, and we see greater things yet to come.


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