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Thank you for wanting to invest in the vision and expansion of Power Cross through your corporation.
Through our partnership, we will be able to breach the walls that hinder us from changing the lives of so many,
and create a nation where Power Cross is the foundation for every city in the United States.


“Our vision may seem ambitious, however, given the countless communities whose young

men can (and should) be positively affected by Power Cross, we are constantly challenging

ourselves not to put God in a box.” ~Jeff Storment

 Our Vision

We have received the wise counsel of architects, contractors, and attorneys to create an expansion strategy
for both of our current campuses, and for every campus we’ll launch nationwide.
This expansion – which will transform every Power Cross campus into a discipleship
and development center - will facilitate our daily goal to, not only “give a man a fish,” but to also “teach a man to fish,”
equipping this generation to equip future generations.

The Power Cross vision is to enhance existing Power Cross campuses with additional space, and the best facilities, equipment and resources available.
Through this vision, our goals are clear:

  1. To launch Power Cross – Winston Salem, Power Cross – X, Power Cross – X and Power Cross – X by summer 2021

  2. To launch a Power Cross campus in every United States community with over 50,000 residents by 2030

Our Vision “Runners”

“Write the vision and make it plain…that he may run who reads it.” –Habakkuk 2:2

Power Cross has brought in coaches and mentors who are strong leaders, outstanding men of God, and world changers.
Here at Power Cross, we don’t want just anyone.
We want people who will challenge, redirect, and build a generation of men who will change the outcome of our nation.
These are some of those people:


Our Fight

Everyday, we face the same epidemic- fatherless homes, but together, we can end it.


 350+ kids are a part of Power Cross- 85% of them live in fatherless homes.

Children are hurting and generations are suffering. This is why Power Cross exists and this is why Power Cross does what it does.

The founders, Jeff and Natalie Storment, have invested their lives and time into the vision of changing and rebuilding generation after generation of hurting children. Power Cross has witnessed tremendous growth, not only within the numbers of participants, but also in leadership. Through strong leadership, we are able to rebuild the image of a positive home-life and provide father figures in the lives of those who go home to either a mother or a grandmother.

Your investment in Power Cross is the first step in ending the epidemic we see expanding all over the U.S.

Help us end this epidemic and change the trajectory of every child’s life we touch.


 The Power Cross Difference

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When initially entering the PC program, 60% of our elementary-aged boys and 40% of our middle school-aged boys, are performing below grade level.

After just one year of participation at PC, our boys’ progress reflects a 90% growth rate in grades! This 90% growth rate translates over to our 100% graduation rate.

How? Everyday they’re required to go to study hall to complete their homework and/or read for 30 minutes before practice. If they’re struggling, we help them. If they’re excelling, we challenge them. We have amazing volunteers, mentor PC students, PC alumni, and teachers who come tutor our guys to ensure the growth of every individual.

When it comes to changing lives, there is no break.
We are involved in the kids’ lives everyday, all year, 24/7.
Why? Because we’re family.

 Our Difference, Together

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Together, we can make our nation great. We have the power to create a world where kids feel safe, loved, encouraged,
and valued, and with God working through Power Cross, the amount of change and Greater Things to come, are endless.

 Partner With Us

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We want to be transparent with you about our finances.
If you would like to receive our financial information, please contact our Founder,
Natalie Storment, at nat@powercross.org